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Organo Gold Distributor John Sachtouras Reaches $400,000+ A Month

John Sachtouras is a rising superstar in the MLM industry, making an astonishing $400,000+ per month.

John Sachtouras and his wife Blanca just moved into a 7,058-square foot home in Richmond, Texas, USA. Not bad for an abode.

Both John and Blanca have been involved in selling Organo Gold Coffee to customers since June 2009 and are now considered top earners in both the company, and the industry as a whole.

Their rise has been stratospheric. It took them just 90 days to reach the level of Diamond Consultants, Blue Diamonds in 6 months, Black Diamonds in 15 Months and Crown Diamonds in 2011.

By March 2012 they were able to boast of earnings of $400,000+ per month thanks to the huge distributorship they’ve built in just a smidgen over two and a half years. Their cars and their lavishly furnished home are proof positive of the effects of this plan.


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