Does Organo Gold Coffee have Caffeine?

People today are significantly more health conscious than they have ever been. Now people worry about their intake of caffeine, a stimulant which can be addictive. So they ask questions: does Organo Gold coffee contain caffeine? No! Just Ganoderma which is proven by independent medical studies to be much healthier.

For peace of mind and a healthy body it’s worth switching to decaffeinated Organ Gold.

In fact, it’s not just our coffee which is lacking in caffeine: all Organo Gold products are free of the stuff. We have a patent for making 100% caffeine-free coffee and drinks. Others might sell Ganoderma coffee products but we’re the only ones who are proven to be good. Don’t get any second-class products – only the best will do.

We’re not just certified in the United States but also tens of other countries. In fact, we can boast of using the best Ganoderma from the finest farms across the globe for our products.

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